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 DEB Exams offer a complete range of examination booklets, graph paper and inserts. Our booklets are available in a variety of colours and  can be personalised free of charge on volumes in excess of 1,000.

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 Please be advised though we are open as normal, our offices are closed and we are currently working from home in accordance with  government restrictions.

 Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at info@debexams.ie

 We thank you for your custom in the past and look forward to assisting you again in the future.

Welcome to DEB Exams, the new name for Dublin Examining Board

DEB Exams has been providing mock examination papers and exam stationery for over 75 years. In addition to support staff working year-round in Dublin, we have the largest number of teachers working nationwide - setting, reviewing & editing exam papers, and correcting & supervising script correction.

Our hallmark is our high level of quality in papers and marking schemes. With a committed focus on customer relations, we aim to provide all schools with a straightforward and positive mock examination experience.