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DEB Exams provide an extensive range of products and services to support second-level education in Ireland.

Exam Papers

Quality is our hallmark when it comes to examination papers. Each exam paper is developed by a team of experienced subject teachers, who utilise a wide variety of source materials including previous years' papers, changes in syllabi and in-service training. The papers are further reviewed by our professional editing and design team, who ensure that the language, style and layout of all papers match those of the State Examination Commission.

To assist teachers with administering and correcting exams, we provide an in-depth marking scheme for each subject. This includes sample answers and mark breakdowns. Often our marking schemes are more detailed than the Department's marking schemes. We provide slips and blunders for all Maths papers.

All teachers receive extra papers and a marking scheme for each class order. We do not sell marking schemes separately. If you wish to review papers prior to ordering please register for a free account on our website. Once approved you may view our Sample Papers online.

Our prices, which are set out below, are VAT inclusive.

Item Type Junior Cert Leaving Cert Leaving Cert Applied/LCVP
Paper € 1.50 € 1.50 € 1.50
O.S. map € 1.25 € 1.25 n/a
CD € 15.00 € 15.00 € 15.00
DVD n/a n/a € 35.00
CD-RW n/a n/a € 2.50


DEB Exams provide a correction service for all exams that we set. Scripts are then corrected by qualified subject teachers using our extensive marking schemes and correcting guidelines.

Our prices, which are set out below, are VAT inclusive.

Exam Per corrected script
Junior Certificate € 10.00
Leaving Certificate € 11.00
Leaving Certificate Applied € 11.00

Exam Stationery

DEB Exams provide the widest selection of examination stationery. To facilitate our customers' needs, we accept orders throughout the year. Our exam stationery is appropriate for mock, Christmas and summer exams. We provide great value in examination stationery with no price increases since 2003. DEB Exams – improving quality, service and experience while maintaining price.

Our prices, which are set out below, are VAT inclusive.

Special Regular Standard
8 page 13c 8 page 13c 8 page 16c
12 page 18c 12 page 18c 12 page 20c
16 page 22c 16 page 22c 16 page 24c
20 page 26c 20 page 26c 20 page 28c
Extras price
4pg. Inserts (packed 250) € 20.00
Graph Paper (packed 500) € 20.00
4pg Bus. Studies Inserts (packed 250) € 24.00
16pg Dept. Bus. Studies Booklets (packed 50) € 15.00