Exam Secretaries


DEB Exams provides in-depth resources to assist their examiners in providing a consistent and accurate exam correction service to schools nationwide.

All examiners receive the following when they start with DEB Exams:

  • copies of relevant exam papers
  • copies of relevant marking scheme
  • copies of multimedia (CDs, DVDs, disks, where applicable)
  • details of payment rates
  • account sheet - to allow examiners to record work completed
  • examiner guidelines - this includes details on ordering scripts, returning scripts and communicating with DEB
  • observation sheets - subject specific - allowing for a detailed report to be returned to the subject teacher
  • sample scripts - subject specific - demonstrating how to clearly mark exam papers, showing samples of students' work at different standards, i.e. A, C, etc., including additional details on correcting
  • marking scheme addendums (where applicable)

Should an examiner require copies of any of these resources in their subject area, they should contact the Examiners department at (01) 642 6868 from 9:00am to 9:00pm.